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We are the first treatment center in Southern California to provide psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy under the care of both licensed psychiatrists and board-registered mental health professionals.
This unique all-in-one, comprehensive model enables us to provide the highest quality care. We believe it’s not just about taking the medicine, but how you work with it.
clinicians talking
At our center, we don’t just administer medicine and leave you to process the experience on your own. Our team of licensed psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and nurses is dedicated to helping you navigate your therapy journey and discover significant, meaningful transformation.
We’re here to support your health through highly effective & researched therapy methods

clinicians talking
We acknowledge the existing inequities in healthcare and work to create a safe, inclusive, and nonjudgmental space.
Our team cares for our community members as they are, welcoming all identities, experiences, and past challenges. At our center, you’re free to be authentically yourself as we work towards collective healing.